Home is where we live, play and entertain every day. A place to rest and renew energy after a hard-working day. A beautiful and fully-equipped house will help us to relax and commune with nature: fully equipped will help our soul relax, fresh and bring us a happy and healthy sublime life. Therefore, the architectural design of the house is very important and necessary.

Below is Chanh Nghia Group’s design process

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quy trinh thiet ke kien truc

Designing beautiful and suitable architecture for the house is not easy. It requires a thorough understanding of feng shui, local climate, investor’s needs, and a standard and professional design process. A standard and professional design process will ensure the highest work efficiency and make it easier for customers to control and take the initiative.

Step 1: Preliminary consultation

Hình minh họa nhân viên tư vấn

– Receive information and customer requirements;
–      Preliminary consultation on design style and functional layout;
–      Design quotation;
–      Unify workflow

Step 2: Sign design contract

ky kiet hop dong xay dung

– Design the layout plan.
– Sign design contract. Pay 50% of the contract value.

Step 3: Design the master plan, exterior and interior perspective (if any)

Thiet ke mat bang va phoi canh ngoai that va noi that

– Making design plans (plans, 3D);
– Unify the design plan;
– Adjustment according to the investor’s opinion (if any);

Step 4: Profile deployment

trien khai ho so thiet ke 1

– Deploy architectural and M&E documents;
– Calculate total investment.
– Adjustment according to the investor’s opinion (if any). Charge extra for the repair package.

Step 5: Handing over design documents

ban giao ho so thiet ke

– Check profile;
– Handing over drawings;
– Pay the remaining amount of the contract.

Step 6: Construction supervision

Chanh Nghia has copyright to the completed design documents;
Explain design documents when having questions;
Construction supervisor.


– Detailed architectural drawings and 3D exterior perspective
– Detailed interior drawings, 3D interior perspective (if any)
– Construction drawings
– M&E drawings
– All functional design documents of rooms and architecture are consulted according to feng shui, age, and requirements of the investor. The size of the rooms, house, and door are all according to the size of feng shui.


1. Facade 3D perspective: Shows a simulated image of the work after completion at different views for construction work.


2. Interior layout: Shows the layout of furniture, equipment of the rooms
3. Construction technical ground: Show wall size, construction notes; Unified connection symbols of drawings
4. Construction technical elevations: Show construction dimensions; notes, facade decoration material
5. Construction engineering sections: Cut through main spaces, complex spaces. Show construction elevation parameters; notes specifying materials for the floors layers
6. Floor ground: Style of paving, size, color, type of material.
7. Ceiling plan, decorative lights: the decorate of ceiling and lights in the rooms; show the construction size and position of decorative lights.
8. Detailed drawings of bathrooms and toilets: Method of tiling; sizes, colors, and types of tiling materials; the arrangement of bathroom facilities.
9. Detailed drawings of stairs: Including ladder plan, ladder cross-section, step tiling details, railing – handrail details.
10. Detailed drawings of the elevator room (if any). Show the dimensions and parameters of the elevator room. 
11. Detailed drawings of doors, windows, glass walls: Including vertical facade, the detailed section of each door; show feng shui dimensions, note the complete specifications…
12. Detailed drawings of balcony and lobby system: Including ground, elevations, detailed sections of each balcony; detailed structure of handrails; decorative details; balcony drainage.
13. Detailed drawings of facade decoration: Includes structural drawings of facade decoration details, material notes
14. Detailed architectural drawings of each project: Includes detailed drawings of dimensions, material notes.


1. Structural explanation: Principles and specialized standards on the structure.
2. Foundation structure plan: Show selected foundation solution, size of foundation structural component; component symbol
3. Plan, detailed section of foundation structure: Includes drawings showing the layout of steel, diameters of each steel structure. 
4. Locate the column foot: Position the columns, show the layout of steel columns, steel diameters.
5. Detailed drawings of septic tanks and underground water tanks: Plans, elevations, detailed sections of tanks; steel layout.
6. Statistical drawings of steel foundation, septic tank, underground water tank: Specific statistics of each type of steel for each component.
7. Detailed drawings of columns and plans: Longitudinal and cross-section of each column type; show quantity and diameter of reinforcement; layout method.
8. Statistical drawings of steel columns: Specific statistics of each type of steel for each structure.
9. Structural plan of floors: Show the bearing beam system of the floors; symbols and size of each type of beam; recessed positions; elevation of the floors.
10. Detailed drawings of each beam component: longitudinal section, the cross-section of each girder member; show quantity, diameter, the layout of each type of steel.
11. Steel layout for floors and roofs: Arrange steel for the lower layers of floors; showing the diameter and spacing of reinforcement.
12. Statistical drawings of steel floors: Specific statistics for each type of steel for each floor.
13. Structural drawings of stairs and elevators (if any)
14. Structural drawings of the lobby, decorative roof (if any)
15. Structural drawings of specific components, door linoleum


1. Lighting power plan for each floor: Show the position of lights, the layout of switches for each light.
2. Electricity floor plan: Shows the location of sockets, air conditioners, electric heaters…
3. The diagram of the power supply principle of the house.
4. General table of electrical equipment for the house.
5. Communication cable plan for each floor (television, internet, telephone).
6. Principle diagram of light electrical system.
7. General table of communication cable materials for the house.
8. Plan of control camera, fire alarm, alarm… (if any)
9. Detailed drawings of the lightning protection system, material statistics
10. Power supply plan outside the house (yard, gate, fence… if any): Show details of lighting for garden, gate, fence.


1. Water supply plan of floors: Shows the water supply line from the tank to the areas using water; types and cross-sections of water pipes.
2. Drainage plan of floors and roofs: Show drainage line from roofs, balconies, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens…; types and cross-sections of drainage pipes…
3. Detailed drawings of water supply and drainage in the bathrooms.
4. Statistical drawings of water supply and drainage materials: Statistics of quantity, pipe diameter, types of water supply and drainage equipment.
5. Spatial diagram of water supply and drainage area for toilet areas…


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